Speak out against federal budget cuts to student borrower protections!

Higher education is a costly endeavor, forcing many students to rely on student loans for financing. The Trump administration’s proposed budget would further erode student loan protections and harm student borrowers. We need to push back against these cuts to financial aid programs and continue to support students in financing their college degrees!

For the fourth consecutive year, the Trump administration and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have proposed substantial cuts to the U.S. Department of Education’s budget, nearly 8 percent from last year’s funding level. Their proposal cuts student loan programs and thus would negatively impact student borrowers through changes such as:

  • Eliminating federally subsidized student loans.
  • Eliminating supplemental grants to low-income students.
  • Cutting the Federal Work Study Program budget in half.
  • Eliminating the Public Loan Forgiveness program.
  • Cancelling the Pell Grant Surplus fund.

These cuts to financial aid and debt forgiveness programs target the most vulnerable students who otherwise would not be able to afford higher education, end up working too many hours that could negatively affect their degree progress, and/or become saddled with overwhelming private loan debt. 

Email your legislators and demand they push back against the Trump administration’s proposed education budget cuts to financial aid and student loan programs that protect student borrowers from debilitating debt. Tell your senators and representatives to keep education funding where it belongs—supporting students and responsibly financing their college degrees!

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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