Tell Congress: Pass the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act

The Bringing an End to Harassment by Enhancing Accountability and Rejecting Discrimination (BE HEARD) in the Workplace Act is the first comprehensive federal legislation that would fix our broken laws to prevent workplace harassment and abuse—and ensure all of us are protected from harassment on the job, no matter who we are or where we work.

Working people have fought for years to address the power disparities and exploitative working conditions that have allowed harassment, assault, and discrimination to persist in the workplace. These movements for change have been led by courageous women who have for too long endured harassment and violence at work, including women of color, Indigenous women, immigrants, and women in low-wage jobs—who are especially impacted.

Now, with unprecedented national attention on the harm caused by sexual harassment and assault, we have an incredible opportunity to make meaningful, long-overdue legislative change.

We’ve come so far, and we need an even bigger movement to make sure that Congress acts to pass this bold new bill.

Together, let’s end workplace harassment and discrimination. Please sign the petition to members of the U.S. Congress now.

Here’s what the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act will do to prevent and address all forms of workplace harassment and discrimination:

  • For the first time, expand anti-harassment and civil rights protections to all working people, including workers at small businesses, independent contractors, unpaid interns, volunteers, and trainees.

  • Make it indisputable that all LGBTQ+ workers are protected from harassment and discrimination.

  • Require employers to take steps to prevent harassment on the job.

  • Ensure that employers can’t prevent victims of harassment from talking about their experiences, by limiting the use of nondisclosure agreements and forced arbitration.

  • Reject decisions by some courts that groping by a coworker isn’t serious enough to be harassment if it only happens once.

  • Ensure that people who experience sexual harassment at work can access the same financial remedies as people who experience racial harassment at work.

  • Ensure people who get tips, like servers, are paid at least the same minimum wage as other workers, so tipped workers don’t have to put up with harassment from customers as the price of making a living.

  • And much more.

This bill will benefit working people nationwide, across all industries and occupations. It’s what we all deserve.

Sign the Petition to Tell Congress: Pass the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act ​

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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