Blackboard, WE's policy newsletter, provides regular updates on our work to improve the college system in Illinois to ensure that adult students achieve success.



  • Oct

    FAFSA | Advocacy Workshops | Career Pathways Definition and More...

    It's FAFSA time, we're looking for student voices on financial aid and higher ed funding, join our webinar to learn about Illinois' new unified Career Pathways definition, apply for the Chicagoland Workforce Leadership Academy, and more!
  • Mar

    Dev Ed Triumphs, MAP Grants & Method Factory Tour

    MAP grants close after a longer open period for applications than seen in recent years, Career Foundations students tour the Method soap factory in Chicago, and WE calls for your stories about developmental education. Learn more in this issue of Blackboard.



  • Oct

    FAFSA Opens Early, New Math Resources, Career Pathways & Foundations

    Prepare yourself for FAFSA season, check out this new adult and developmental ed math resource, dive deeper into career pathways, and more!
  • Jul

    Budget, Aligning Adult Ed, Career Pathways

    What does Illinois' stopgap budget mean for Illinois students and families? Plus, learn about the Career Foundations Institute and why you should join, read about opportunities to help establish a common understanding of quality career pathways and systems, and meet our summer interns!
  • Apr

    Where Are You on MAP and the Pathway to Equity?

    Learn about the current state of MAP grants in Illinois, find out how your college can help create pathways to equity, download our early childhood education bridge lesson plans, join us at The Working Lunch on May 11th, and more!