2020 Annual Report

The working people now considered essential have been at the heart of Women Employed’s mission since 1973. And our work this year to advance equity for all has also been […]

2019 Annual Report

Victory. At Women Employed, when we celebrate a victory, it means more women are safe and respected at work. More people have access to the training and education they need to […]

Bridging the Gap

What is a bridge program? This fact sheet explains what bridge programs are, and how Women Employed is leading the effort to implement bridge programs in Illinois and nationwide, giving […]

Bridges to Careers for Low-Skilled Adults (Full Guide)

This 125-page guide provides concrete guidance on how to develop and implement “bridge programs,” which help adult students improve their basic skills and succeed in college. The guide contains information […]

2017 Annual Report

Moving Forward, Together. In a tumultuous year for our country, we have forged ahead to ensure all women can access fair workplaces, quality jobs, and education and training leading to […]

2016 Annual Report

This is How Change Happens. It’s never a straight line. Advocacy campaigns are long battles with many twists and turns. New discoveries, barriers, and tactics emerge. Over four decades, Women […]

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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