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Mary Kay Devine

Chief of Staff

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Racquel C. Fullman

Communications Coordinator

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Mary Kay Devine has committed her career to improving the lives of low-paid workers. She has expertise in a range of education and employment policies necessary for women to achieve economic security for themselves and their families, including: the gender wage gap, salary negotiations, fair work schedules, college and career success for adult learners, financial aid, advocacy, and social justice activism.

Devine leads the organization’s work to mobilize key constituent groups—including young women, volunteers, and activists—to advance WE’s advocacy goals. She oversees the Action Network, providing tools to supporters to help them be more effective advocates. Devine hosts events and facilitates workshops throughout the year for a variety of audiences on salary negotiations, gender equity in the workplace, and more.

Prior to joining WE in 2008, Devine worked in the labor movement for 10 years in a variety of roles: organizing workers, building community coalitions, facilitating education programs for staff and elected union leaders, researching and developing strategy for national campaigns, and recruiting and developing staff. She values her time in the labor movement for the opportunity she had develop relationships with workers, across North America, in a variety of industries—retail and warehousing, food service and hospitality, and industrial laundries—as she helped them build power in the workplace.

Devine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Loyola University Chicago.

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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