WE Expert

Sharmili Majmudar

Executive Vice President of Policy and Organizational Impact

Want to connect with Sharmili Majmudar? Please Contact:

Valerie Harris

Marketing and Engagement Coordinator 

Phone: 312-782-3902 x 227

Email: vharris@womenemployed.org

Sharmili Majmudar develops and leads Women Employed’s collaborations with employers to improve workplace practices. She heads the organization’s advocacy efforts for the voluntary implementation of fair scheduling practices and other aspects of good quality jobs so employees can achieve economic stability.

Sharmili also serves on the Board of Directors of the Crossroads Fund, a public foundation that supports grassroots organizations doing racial, social, and economic justice work in the Chicago area. She was featured as one of 2014’s National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum’s Everyday Sheroes, is a recipient of the Chicago Foundation for Women’s Impact Award, and was honored at the Chicago Woman Magazine’s International Women Leaders Luncheon in 2017.

Before joining Women Employed in 2017, Majmudar served for almost a decade as the Executive Director of Rape Victim Advocates (RVA), whose mission is to ensure that survivors of sexual assault are treated with dignity and compassion. Under her leadership, RVA established impactful collaborations with schools, hospitals, universities, public officials, corporations, and other partners.

Majmudar earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and a Master of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Social Work.