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  • Sep

    We've got to fight for our rights

    In this issue, find out how WE plans to fight Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of Illinois' proposed No Salary History Act, learn what the end of DACA would mean for an adult student who spoke to us, and more!
  • Aug

    Here's some good news

    Catch up with all the good WE has been up to in this issue! From launching a massive public education campaign about the new paid sick time laws in Chicago and Cook County, to discussing the benefits of Career Foundations, there's plenty to love in this issue of WE-Zine.
  • Jul

    We're Leading the Charge

    In this issue, hear from our new President & C.E.O about what WE is doing to continue moving the needle for working women, meet some of our 2017 Summer Interns, and learn why the increase in student parents at America's colleges shouldn't be ignored.
  • Jun

    Are You Ready to Keep Learning?

    Learn about a recent Career Foundations tour of the high-tech healthcare teaching facilities at Malcolm X College, get a lesson from retiring Executive Director Anne Ladky on the role activism has played in Women Employed since our founding to present day, and more!
  • May

    Be louder, tougher, and more determined

    Learn how you can fight back against the wage gap by helping to pass a groundbreaking law in Illinois. Also in this issue, a look back at The Working Lunch with some of the best moments from the day--including a touching video tribute to longtime Executive Director Anne Ladky.
  • Apr

    Meet Our New Leader!

    Meet WE's incoming President & CEO Iliana A. Mora! In this issue, our future leader talks with Anne Ladky about the upcoming transition. Plus, learn more about how you can advocate for student parents and hear why one supporter is inviting friends to The Working Lunch on May 10.
  • Mar

    How You Can Build on Women's History

    Celebrate Women's History Month by testing your knowledge of important milestones with our quiz, take action to support equal pay, save the date for The Working Lunch on May 10th and more!
  • Feb

    Anne Ladky: I Will Miss Leading This Organization

    WE's longtime Executive Director, Anne Ladky, announces her retirement. Plus, purchase your ticket for our night at the theater on April 6, learn about The Pattis Family Foundation Summer Leadership Program and more!
  • Jan

    Change is Still Possible

    The President's nominee for Secretary of Labor has a record that shows he won't support workers' rights. Learn more about why Women Employed is opposing Andrew Puzder's confirmation. Also, hear how WE plans to continue securing meaningful change in the current political climate.


  • Dec

    The Activism Issue

    It's become increasingly clear that, despite decades of progress, women's fundamental rights are now at risk. In this issue of WE-Zine, we give you tools to be an advocate, and actions you can take on the Illinois budget, the Department of Labor nomination, and much more.