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  • Feb

    Anne Ladky: I Will Miss Leading This Organization

    WE's longtime Executive Director, Anne Ladky, announces her retirement. Plus, purchase your ticket for our night at the theater on April 6, learn about The Pattis Family Foundation Summer Leadership Program and more!
  • Jan

    Change is Still Possible

    The President's nominee for Secretary of Labor has a record that shows he won't support workers' rights. Learn more about why Women Employed is opposing Andrew Puzder's confirmation. Also, hear how WE plans to continue securing meaningful change in the current political climate.


  • Dec

    The Activism Issue

    It's become increasingly clear that, despite decades of progress, women's fundamental rights are now at risk. In this issue of WE-Zine, we give you tools to be an advocate, and actions you can take on the Illinois budget, the Department of Labor nomination, and much more.
  • Nov

    Standing Together in Tough Times

    Read how Women Employed is standing for equality and justice in tough times, learn how unfair schedules are affecting workers this holiday season, see what we are thankful for, learn how our sick time victories could go statewide, and make your end-of-year gift!
  • Oct

    And The Wins Keep On Coming

    Learn about the recent paid sick time victories and register for our October 24th event before tickets run out. See Susan Ismail's story and how the Illinois budget crisis has affected students like her, then read about the LOL Illinois budget campaign and how you can take action!
  • Sep

    Can You Recognize Today's College Student?

    Take our quiz to see if you can identify today's college students. Plus, register for our October 24th event with dynamic advocate and author Saru Jayaraman, hear from WE volunteer and "Next Gen Philanthropist" Adriana Díaz, and more!
  • Aug

    Black Women's Equal Pay Day: Too Long to Wait

    August 23rd is Black Women's Equal Pay Day. Learn how much wider the wage gap is for women of color, read about the historic victory Illinois domestic workers just won, watch what our Summer Leaders worked on this year, share info on how the Illinois budget crisis is harming women, and more!
  • Jul

    Students on a Mission: Meet our Summer Leaders

    Learn about the seven promising young women who are spending their summer at WE, read about how Illinois' stopgap budget is not a real solution, see why the Secretary of Labor recently met with Women Employed, get registered to vote, and more!
  • Jun

    Breaking: Sick Time Win for Chicago

    Learn how Chicago became the latest city to pass an earned sick time ordinance, giving 460,000 additional workers the right to earn paid sick time. Then read about how Illinois STILL does not have a budget, see students taking action in Springfield, hear from Alderman Ameya Pawar, and more!
  • May

    "This is an Extraordinary Time."

    Help us pass an earned sick time ordinance in Chicago! Plus, learn what Supreme Court expert Marcia Coyle had to say at The Working Lunch, read about Illinois' Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights, have a drink to benefit WE, hear from fashion designer Maria Pinto, and more!