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  • Mar

    The Fight for Sick Days Comes to Chicago

    Hear how WE has brought the push for paid sick days to Chicago, celebrate Women's History Month, and meet this year's luncheon speaker, Dr. Zeynep Ton. Then find out about how adult students are left behind by IL's underfunded financial aid, gear up for Equal Pay Day, and more.
  • Feb

    Earned Sick Time Catching on in Illinois

    Find out about Governor Quinn's call for earned sick time in IL, see what women are saying in The Shriver Report, and learn about our program for returning college students. Plus, look at how the media portrays working women with our new Pinterest board!
  • Jan

    The Good Girls Revolt

    See what author Lynn Povich—one of the 46 women who sued Newsweek for sex discrimination in 1970—has to say about women in the workplace today, learn about unemployment benefits expiring, and share ROC United’s new Diners’ Guide to Ethical Eating!


  • Dec

    Low-Wage Workers Grabbing the Spotlight

    Look forward to another 40 years of change for working women, read about college affordability, and hear a longtime WE supporter reflect on why she pays it forward. Then find out how low-wage workers are grabbing the spotlight and share an e-card with your favorite working women!
  • Nov

    What to Expect When You're Expecting—While Working

    Stand up for pregnant workers, see what our birthday guests #Wish4TheFuture, and find out how food stamp cuts are affecting millions of Illinois residents. Plus, envision a better future for higher education with us!
  • Oct

    Celebrating in Style

    Don't miss our 40th birthday bash, plus learn how the Affordable Care Act is helping low-income women, read about our recent victory for domestic workers, find out how momentum is building across the country for earned sick time, and more.
  • Sep

    Education Derailed

    Follow our 40 Years in 40 Weeks anniversary campaign! Plus, hear about our recommendations for improving adult education, learn why Nicole Hollander, creator of the "Sylvia" cartoon, is excited for our birthday party, and more!
  • Aug

    A Fee for Your Paycheck?

    Save the date for WE's 40th birthday bash! Plus, learn what WE is doing about a troubling new payroll trend, hear what the panelists had to say at our Women, Power, and Influence roundtable, and find out what you can do to commemorate Women's Equality Day.
  • Jul

    Every Day is Election Day

    Get tickets for our upcoming roundtable event, Women, Power, and Influence, and read an interview from one of our featured guests, author Rebecca Sive. Plus, read how Rhode Island became the third state in the U.S. to offer paid family leave.
  • Jun

    If You're Not on the Table, You're on the Menu

    Check out our 40 Years in 40 Weeks campaign to see what WE was doing in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Plus read about our $2 million victory for students, hear what Nancy Pelosi and Jan Schakowsky have to say about activism, honor the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, and more!