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  • Jan

    Forty and Forward!

    It's our 40th anniversary, and we've unveiled a whole new look for WE-Zine. Learn what we've got in store to celebrate our milestone. In two new features, hear from staff about how a lack of paid sick days is fueling the flu epidemic and share our new infographic about working moms.


  • Dec

    Season's Greetings

    WE's working to ensure crucial employment protections like a guaranteed minimum wage for domestic workers. Take action and tell Congress to extend the vital Emergency Unemployment Compensation program immediately so that two million workers don't lose their benefits.
  • Nov

    Join in our Vision for the Future

    WE's Vision for the Future lists ten key priorities for moving women forward to greater equality and opportunity. Executive Director Anne Ladky is honored with a "Woman with Vision" award for her visionary approach to advancing the well-being and empowerment of women.
  • Oct

    Time to Demand Better

    WE's new report shows that Chicago's low-wage workforce is growing and changing. As Election Day approaches, we all have a stake in demanding better employment practices and public policies that guarantee basic fairness and respect for family responsibilities.
  • Sep

    A Back-to-School Essential

    Back-to-school time is an important reminder for why working parents in Illinois need paid sick days. WE is leading the charge to ensure educational success for adults by bringing people together in a new interactive webinar series aimed at sharing critical information and resources.
  • Aug

    The Future is in Our Hands

    WE publishes a new fact sheet focused on the importance of college completion for adult learners. Plus, WE brings its unique perspective to Illinois' Monetary Award Program (MAP) Eligibility Task Force to ensure low-wage working students can access financial aid.
  • Jul

    Our New Website is Live

    Our new website is live, and offers tons of new ways for you to learn about the issues and get involved. Plus, hear from our summer interns why they want to spend their summers with WE, and learn about an innovative conference aimed at helping students graduate from college.
  • Jun

    How 310,000 Became 3.37 Million

    This month is the 40th anniversary of Title IX, which opened doors for millions of women and girls not just in athletics, but also in math, science, and other fields, as well as protecting students from sexual harassment, preventing discrimination, and more.
  • May

    Raise the Floor for Working Women

    Over a woman's lifetime, the estimated lost income due to the gender wage gap could feed a family of four for almost 37 years. Get more facts in Women Employed’s newly released video and fact sheet.
  • Apr

    1700 Students Call for Change

    Women Employed joins community college students in Springfield to speak up for increased funding for MAP—a need-based program that helps low-income students pursue degrees. More than 1,700 students wrote letters, sent photos, and more as part of the campaign.