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  • Sep

    Poverty on the Rise

    Census data reveals that 17.2 million women live in poverty—the highest rate in 17 years—and that both childhood poverty and unemployment for women are on the rise. Find out what Women Employed is doing to help turn these numbers around.
  • Aug

    Advocating, Innovating, and Celebrating

    Women Employed co-hosts College Changes Everything conference, which brought together 300 education, community, and government leaders to discuss practical approaches to improving college access and graduation rates.
  • Jul

    Hotel Workers Stand Up

    Hotel housekeepers talk to Women Employed about their difficult work conditions, and WE’s summer interns tell us why they are excited to be spending the summer at Women Employed.
  • Jun

    Justice Denied

    A Supreme Court ruling denies justice to female employees of Wal-Mart who are fighting for equal pay and promotions. Learn what you can do to ensure that every worker can address discrimination and achieve equal pay.
  • May

    It's In Our DNA

    Executive Director Anne Ladky discusses the importance of bringing people together and helping them make their voices heard on issues of vital importance to women, and attendees of The Working Lunch tell us what inspired them at the event.
  • Apr

    Hungry for Change to Happen

    Hundreds of advocates rally for equal pay in Daley Plaza, reminding us that change doesn’t simply happen… we have to want it and work for it.
  • Mar

    It Doesn't Add Up

    Illinois and federal budget woes means that supports working women depend on are on the chopping block, including Pell grants, job training, and child care—among other critical programs.
  • Feb

    Playgrounds, Politics, and Passion

    Read why Women Employed is excited that CNN political analyst Donna Brazile will keynote The Working Lunch 2011, learn how we are bringing career services to survivors of domestic violence, and see Executive Director Anne Ladky accept a prestigious award.
  • Jan

    What's Your Most Pressing Financial Concern?

    A new Gallup poll reveals that economic insecurity outweighs fear of unemployment for most Americans. Most say their most pressing financial concern is lack of money or low wages, followed closely by health care costs.