About Us

Who We Are

Mover and shaker. Tenacious leader taking on tough issues.  Collaborator.  Organizer.  Catalyst.  Change agent.  A national leader since 1973.
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Our Commitment

Women Employed strongly believes that diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas is essential to our success. Every day, we work toward fulfilling our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion »

Annual Reports

Inspire: 2014 Annual ReportEach year, Women Employed improves opportunities for thousands of women. Check out our wins and the people who helped make them possible.
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45 Years of Impact

Women Employed has been adding pages to the history books for forty-five years by opening doors, breaking barriers, and creating fairer workplaces for women.
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Our Accomplishments

Expanded opportunities. Better pay. Fairer laws.

Over the past 40 years, Women Employed has made history as a voice for working women.  We’re changing public policies and workplace practices and enabling more women to achieve their aspirations for themselves and their families.
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Our Staff

They draft testimony, rally students, secure grants, persuade legislators, write press releases, share ideas with educators, brainstorm with business leaders, tweet and post, and passionately believe in a better future for all working women. 

Board of Directors

They enlist friends, family, and colleagues; chair committees; host meetings; crunch numbers; strategize; and generously provide support, guidance, talent, and advice.