Urge President Biden to Cancel Student Debt

The student debt crisis is out of control, totaling over $1.9 trillion at last count. Two-thirds of debt is owned by women, with Black women owning the highest percentage of student debt of all racial/gender groups. The gender pay gap exacerbates this debt, often forcing women to choose between essential needs like rent, groceries, and child care and making payments on their student loans. Student loan debt also keeps borrowers from being able to invest in their future and build wealth. It is an economic, gender, and racial justice issue that affects more that 45 million Americans.

President Biden has the power to cancel federal student debt for all borrowers. Sign our petition below to tell him that we need broad-based debt cancellation now!

We, the undersigned, believe that debt forgiveness is key to reclaiming our autonomy and ability to have a more secure economic future and urge you, President Biden, to cancel federal student debt for all borrowers, regardless of income or other eligibility requirements.