Annual Reports

Each year, Women Employed improves opportunities for thousands of women. Read our annual reports to learn more about Women Employed’s wins and the people and partners who helped make these achievements possible.

Doubling Down on Rising Up, Together. Since 1973, Women Employed has been making change in the workplace to elevate us all. We have stood up for equal opportunity and economic advancement. We have paved the way for millions to get their degrees. And we have leveraged partnerships to make it happen. We are bringing people to the table to build a movement to improve the lives of working women and their families.

Moving Forward, Together. In a tumultuous year for our country, we have forged ahead to ensure all women can access fair workplaces, quality jobs, and education and training leading to better opportunities. In this report, you’ll read about crucial advances we’ve made this year on equal pay, paid sick time, and pathways to college and careers. The key to our success is you.

This is How Change Happens. It’s never a straight line. Advocacy campaigns are long battles with many twists and turns. New discoveries, barriers, and tactics emerge. Over four decades, Women Employed has developed the strategic know-how, flexibility, and tenacity it takes to win. This report recounts the winding path to two vital advances for working women.

Not you. Not me. It's we. The voices of working women are at the heart of our 2015 annual report. Although the women we heard from had widely varying life experiences, we heard strong commonalities: a yearning to do the best for their families, the importance of financial stability and security, a desire for work that is respected and fulfilling, a belief in fairness, and the importance of speaking up for change.

Inspire: Inspiration is a key ingredient of the work we do every day to make women's lives better. In our 2014 annual report, we profile Mary and Tanya, two women at the heart of our work who inspire us to keep fighting. What you’ll learn as you read about them is what a dramatic difference Women Employed’s work is making for low-income women and their families.

Forty and Forward. Fairness. Opportunity. A world where all women can succeed economically and achieve their aspirations. A brighter future for women and their families. A lot has changed since 1973, but Women Employed’s dreams for working women haven’t.

Solving the Puzzle: Expanding Opportunities. Financial stability is a complex puzzle. For a low-wage working woman to achieve financial stability for herself and her family, all the pieces have to be in place—jobs with living wages, opportunities for advancement, access to affordable education, and more. Learn how Women Employed is putting the pieces together for working women.

Cause and Effect. The cause: Women Employed. The effect: change for low-paid working women—improved supports for students at the City Colleges of Chicago, $33.5 million restored in financial aid funding, stronger workplace laws, enabling more students to complete college, and more.

Mapping Success. For many low-wage workers, education is the map to career advancement. Learn more about the road to opportunity we’re building by ensuring financial aid is available, mobilizing students as advocates, promoting bridge programs for basic skills and career training, and guiding community colleges on how to serve adult students better.

Our Accomplishments Speak for Themselves. Women Employed helps shape federal policy by working for passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, promoting success in college for adult students through the Clear Connections Project, championing paid sick days by building support for the Healthy Workplace Act, and much more.