Equal Opportunity

In 2014, Women Employed's hard work for stronger equal pay requirements paid off when President Obama took two executive actions that will increase pay protections for the 2.2 million workers employed by federal contractors.

Eliminating discrimination and ensuring fairness at work have been at the heart of Women Employed’s work for 40 years. WE—and working women—have made enormous progress. We’ve won changes in federal laws to outlaw pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment and worked with national coalitions to strengthen anti-discrimination protections and guarantee family and medical leave.

We’re a leader in ensuring strong enforcement of equal opportunity laws and regulations, making sure they work for women. Today, as a result, millions of women are working in good jobs that were closed to them just 40 years ago.

Continuing Challenges

Discrimination at work is still a fact of life for too many women. Women earn just 80 percent of men’s wages on average. Women still face discrimination in pay and promotions and barriers to advancement because of family responsibilities. Some employers still haven’t gotten the message on sexual harassment. These problems are compounded for women in low-paying jobs because they fear losing their jobs if they speak up about unfair or illegal treatment. Women Employed’s work to expand legal protections and strengthen existing laws—and make sure the laws are effectively enforced—is more important than ever.

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