Who We Are

DATELINE, Chicago, Illinois, 1973. Workplace discrimination is the norm. Women routinely endure unfair and hostile working conditions in every industry. A small group of women gather to discuss forming an organization to improve opportunities and working conditions in downtown Chicago. None of the founders could have envisioned the changes that would eventually occur nor the role Women Employed would play.

Women Employed has literally changed the world of work for women. 

How do we do it? We connect with working women to understand the everyday barriers they face. We develop creative and strategic solutions to address them. We leverage the strength of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. We inform policymakers and the public and urge them to support programs and legislation that promote fairness and equal opportunity. We bring together partners—students, employees, educators, business leaders, and government officials—to brainstorm and promote innovative practices. We forge powerful collaborations, galvanize support, and mobilize people and organizations to effect real change.

We’re very proud of the tremendous advances so many women have made over the past four decades. Yet millions of women are still trapped in low-paying jobs. Our vision: All women are treated fairly in the workplace, are able to attain the skills they need for the jobs they want, and are respected for the work they do.

We will continue our work until our vision is achieved. We are counting on people like you to help make it happen. It’s up to us.