COVID-19: Know Your Rights On the Job

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the structure of work for millions of people across the United States. In this time of crisis, it is particularly important for people to know their employment rights and the protections that exist in case you or a loved one gets sick with COVID-19.

Women Employed has created tools to help working people navigate these protections. Our toolkit includes:

Fact Sheet Detailing COVID-19 Leave Benefits in Illinois

This resource includes sample scenarios and the protections that would apply to each; a summary of paid sick time at the federal and Cook County level; information on Emergency Paid Family Leave and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); details on the Chicago Retaliation Ordinance; FAQs about caring for relatives; and more. 

Hoja informativa que detalla los beneficios de licencia COVID-19 en Illinois

Este recurso incluye escenarios de muestra y las protecciones que se aplicarían a cada uno; un resumen del tiempo pagado por enfermedad a nivel federal y en el condado de Cook; información sobre el Permiso Familiar Pagado de Emergencia y la Ley de Permiso Familiar y Médico (FMLA); detalles sobre la Ordenanza de Represalias de Chicago; Preguntas frecuentes sobre el cuidado de familiares; y más.

Dokument informacyjny zawierający szczegółowe informacje o zasiłkach urlopowych z powodu COVID-19 w Illinois.

Ten dokument zawiera przykładowe scenariusze i przykładowe działania ochronne, które odnoszą się do każdego z nich; podsumowanie płatnego czasu chorobowego na poziomie federalnym i powiatu Cook; informacje na temat płatnego urlopu rodzinnego w razie nagłych wypadków oraz ustawy o urlopach chorobowych rodzinnych (FMLA); szczegóły dotyczące zarządzenia w mieście Chicago w sprawie zachowan odwetowych; Często zadawane pytania dotyczące opieki nad członkami rodziny; oraz więcej informacji.

Join our Grassroots Public Education Campaign

Getting information into the hands of workers is challenging during a pandemic, so we need your help to inform all Illinois workers of their rights. Join our grassroots campaign to ensure workers in your community know about their paid leave rights! 

Sample Social Media and Email Language

We make it easy to share information about these employment protections so that everyone in your networks is aware of their rights.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

A frequently-updated list of resources in Cook County and Illinois.

Learn More About Paid Sick Days and COVID-19

It’s critical to ensure all working people in Illinois have access to paid sick days. Learn about ways you can take action to advocate for worker protections in Illinois!

Together, we will ensure more women, families, and communities can build their economic power and thrive.

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