Meet Women Employed Experts

No one is better versed in the issues and policies that affect today’s working women.

Women Employed’s issues experts are happy to provide interviews for the media and to serve as keynote speakers. For more information, contact Judy Miyashita at 312-782-3902 x239 or jmiyashita[at]womenemployed[dot]org.

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Anne Ladky with CNN Commentator Donna Brazile.

Anne Ladky, Executive Director and Founding Member

Expertise: Equal opportunity policies, fair wages, career development and mobility, workforce development and job training, unstable and unpredictable scheduling practices, women’s networks, access to and success in higher education, job quality and fair workplaces, sex discrimination. Read Anne’s bio, including media coverage

Melissa Josephs Melissa Josephs (center) presents on paid sick days at the La Raza’s national conference in 2010.

Melissa Josephs, Director of Equal Opportunity Policy

Expertise: Paid sick days, sexual harassment, fair wages, work and family, affirmative action, minimum wage reform, Equal Pay Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Read Melissa’s bio, including media coverage.

Mary Kay Devine Mary Kay Devine leads a discussion at the 2011 College Changes Everything conference.

Mary Kay Devine, Director of Community Initiatives

Expertise: Pathways to Careers Network, college and career success for adult learners, basic skill programs, education and workforce development, “bridge” programs, Student Advocates for Success, financial aid reform. Read Mary Kay’s bio, including media coverage.

Christina Warden Christina Warden, Senior Program Manager.

Christina Warden, Director of Education and Training Policy

Expertise: Unstable and unpredictable scheduling practices, strategies that help working and adult students succeed in college, bridge program curriculum development. Read Christina's bio, including media coverage.

Sarah Labadie Sarah Labadie speaks at the 2013 College Changes Everything conference.

Sarah Labadie, Senior Policy Associate

Expertise: Financial aid and other policies that help low-income students succeed in college, the Monetary Award Program (MAP), online and grassroots activism. Read Sarah's bio, including media coverage.