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WE-Zine, Our Monthly Newsletter

May 31, 2023

Cheers to 50 Years

In May, we celebrated 50 years of smashing the status quo at The Working Lunch!  Your participation, either in-person or virtual, and your support whether in the form of sponsorship, participating in our raffle, or donating to WE, made it one to remember. We then featured Taylor Leven, Headspace Barber owner in “She Says,” who also shared her story at The Working Lunch and celebrated victories when the IL General Assembly passed the Salary Transparency bill and then the State Budget increasing $100M in Monetary Award Program (MAP) funding! Not to mention all of the incredible work Women Employed is doing outside the office in our “Where in the World is Women Employed?” column.

April 1, 2023

I believe you.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and more than 5 years after the hashtag #MeToo took social media and the public consciousness by storm, we are still deeply conscious of the need for more progress on sexual harassment and violence in our workplaces and our society. This month’s “She Says,” features WE’s Director of Business Development, Ibie Hart, as she shares her experience with sexual harassment at a prior job and finding safety at Women Employed. April is also National Volunteer Month and we’re looking for a robust group staff The Working Lunch, right around the corner! Not to mention all of the incredible work Women Employed is doing outside the office in our “Where in the World is Women Employed?” column.

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Blackboard, Our Education Newsletter

September 20, 2022

Excellence In Action | Equitable Funding Commission | Student Loan Forgiveness

Register for the 2022 Forum for Excellence, learn what’s on the agenda for the Equitable Funding Commission, read about the Biden Administration’s announcement of federal student debt cancellation, join us for Silenced No More and learn your rights related to sexual harassment, and more!

July 8, 2022

College Changes Everything | 50 Years of Title IX | Share Your Experience | And More!

Register for the College Changes Everything conference, read about the far-reaching impacts of Title IX, tell us your experience balancing work and school, read the report on COVID’s impacts on women in the workforce in Chicago, and more!